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Would you like the opportunity to grow your own fresh vegetables, fruit, herbs and flowers? Local authorities are required by legislation to provide allotment gardens for this purpose through The Allotments Acts of Parliament.

Walsall council currently provides 1373 allotment plots on 34 sites in the borough. As of September 2011 the Greenspace Improvement Service is responsible for the management of Walsall’s Allotment Service and the future development of Community Gardens.

Depending on plot size, annual rent is currently around £11.00 per year to rent (a 50% concession applies for residents over 65 years of age, or those who are unemployed), with additional water charges averaging £6.00 per plot.

Find your nearest allotment using our interactive mapping system Walsall Maps.

Over the past few years allotments have seen a revival of interest, with long waiting lists across the country. In common with other areas, allotments in Walsall are in high demand, and the authority is working with local associations to help reduce waiting lists wherever possible. In common with many authorities, many allotment sites have reduced their plot sizes which makes managing an allotment plot easier, and also provides more opportunities for people to grow.

As from 1 April 2012, we will only accept names on the allotment waiting list, providing no other resident at the applicant’s address already holds an allotment. Applicants will be asked to confirm this when they register for an allotment on the waiting list and when they are offered a plot. This will enable a greater number of Walsall’s residents to take part in local food growing.

Allotments have far wider benefits than simply providing a place to grow fresh food. The physical and mental health stimulated by growing, and social activities are widely recognised. They are a green haven for wildlife in urban areas providing habitat for many species. Allotments have environmental and economic affects by reducing transportation of foods from far and wide, and allowing gardeners to reduce their spending on fruit and vegetables.

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Walsall Council initiated a program of local management of allotments in 1995 when, after consultation with local, national and governmental interested parties. Five areas of the six identified areas currently act as allotments local management associations (LMA), having adopted a constitution and written management arrangements.   

Since 1995, 26 of Walsall’s allotment sites have been managed by Local Management Associations (LMA’s)  who have an adopted constituion, written management arrangements and are responsbile for the letting of plots and managing waiting lists.

In July 2007 the council approved the Allotments Strategy 2007–2012 (PDF 102KB) which sets out the way forward for allotments in the borough by providing a framework for consultation and implementation in partnership with the allotment holders representatives.



The following websites provide more information for allotment holders

Contact us

If you are interested in taking up an allotment please contact:

Healthy Spaces
Environmental Depot
200 Pelsall Road

Telephone - 01922 653344
Email -  healthyspaces@walsall.gov.uk