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Adult abuse

For copies of our Keeping safe from harm and abuse leaflet, please go to our leaflets page.
Our Walsall Safeguarding Adults Partnership Board website has much more information on how we are working to keep adults safe in Walsall.
What is adult abuse?
Adult abuse can happen in many different ways. Abuse can be any of the following:
Physical abuse – hitting, kicking, slapping or giving too much medication or medication that is not necessary.
Sexual abuse – rape or sexual acts which the adult involved does not want or agree to.
Emotional abuse – controlling, intimidating or verbally abusing the adult involved.
Financial or material abuse – fraud, theft or misuse of property or finances.
Neglect – ignoring a person’s medical or physical care needs, or withholding basic needs such as food, medication and heating.
Discriminatory abuse – abuse motivated by prejudice, such as racism or sexism.
Institutional abuse – bad practice by large organisations (for example, offering little or no choice or following unfair regimes and practices).
Abuse can happen in many different places – the adult’s home, in hospital, in a residential or nursing home. It can happen once or it can happen over and over again. Anyone can be responsible for abuse, including partners, family members, friends, carers and care workers.
Financial abuse of Personal Budgets
Financial  abuse/fraud  can  include   the  misuse  of  funds  attached  to  personal  budgets.  This can include, but is not limited to, the use of funds for any illegal purpose, use of funds for anything not agreed in an individual's support plan, or the use of funds by someone other than the person in receipt of the Personal Budget.
If you have any concerns about such matters, you should contact the Initial Intake Team on 0300 555 2922, or email
Wherever possible, we will respect the confidentiality of people who wish to remain anonymous when reporting such incidents.
Who is at risk of abuse?
Those at risk of abuse, known as ‘vulnerable adults’, are people aged 18 years or over who:
need, or may need, community-care services because of disability, age or illness; and
are, or may be, unable to take care of themselves, or unable to protect themselves against harm or exploitation.
What are we doing in Walsall?
We have produced adult safeguarding procedures for our staff. Please visit our Walsall Safeguarding Adults Procedures and guidance page.
We also have a Walsall Adult Safeguarding Partnership Board made up of representatives from Walsall Social Care, West Midlands Police, NHS Walsall and Walsall NHS Hospitals Trust, as well as representatives from the private sector and voluntary groups which care for adults. This board keeps the procedures up to date and makes sure all agencies in Walsall work together to help prevent adult abuse.
Please note that as from 1 August 2013 the new WSS 220 Adult Safeguarding Initial Referral Form should be used.
For more information on the adult protection procedures or the Walsall Adult Safeguarding Partnership Board, phone the Adult Safeguarding Unit on 0300 555 2922.
Who do I contact if I am concerned?
If you are concerned for yourself or someone you know, contact the Adult Safeguarding Unit. We will deal with your concerns sensitively and confidentially wherever possible.
Contact us

By: Telephone
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In an emergency or out of office hours
0300 555 2922 (Adult Social Care)
or you can contact
West Midlands Police
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Accessibility text phone
+44 121 626 5000
Calls from outside the UK
Non-emergency calls
18001 101
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