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Post summons payment arrangement


Can I make an Arrangement to pay my Council Tax? Will I have to pay any costs? Will I have to go to Court?

If you contact us before the Court Date, we may be able make a suitable payment arrangement with you. However the Council will still ask the Magistrates to grant a Liability Order unless the Total Amount Due, including costs, is paid before the hearing date.

If you contact us after the Court Date, we may make a suitable payment arrangement with you unless we have started any Recovery Action against you.

You can avoid further recovery action such as Enforcement Agents (previously known as bailiffs) or Attachment of Earnings Orders, by entering into a Special Arrangement to clear the debt. Please contact us immediately.

If you make an arrangement, payments must be made on or before the agreed date.



Costs of £66.50 are included into the arrangement as Walsall Council will proceed to obtain the Liability Order at the court hearing. However no further recovery action will be taken as long as you make the payments agreed in your Special Arrangement.


Failing to pay a Special Arrangement

If you do not keep to the Special Arrangement agreed with us then we will take Recovery Action against you. This could be: