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Children’s Services budget options

Budget Consultation 2018/19–2021/22 is now closed.

The Budget Consultation 2018/19–2021/22 findings report has been finalised and will be presented for Cabinet consideration on Wednesday 13 February 2019.

The report is available to view here.

Consultation was open from 25 October 2018 to 21 December 2018.


Children's Services directorate: 

  • Children’s and Health and Wellbeing Portfolio

Services for children in need of help and protection, children looked after and care leavers, early help, schools meals commissioning, involvement of children and young people, transition arrangements between Children’s and Adult Social Care, Walsall Children’s Safeguarding Board and Chair of Corporate Parenting Board.

  • Education and Skills Portfolio

Schools and education services, interagency cooperation, involvement of children and young people, special educational needs, disabilities and inclusion. Adult learning.











Opening cash limit   62,485,455   61,278,790   61,506,137  
Base budget adjustments including funding changes *   (1,869,234) 235,055 235,256
Investment / Pressures   3,822,857 3,702,141 2,012,500
Approved Savings         
Review and reduce Youth Services and align functions to the 0-19 Early Help locality model   (110,572)    
Cease or identify alternative funding to support School Improvement Services   (135,599)    
Review and reduce Early Help 0-19 model   (100,000)    
Review and reduce Children's Social Care Workforce Training & Practice Development   (44,744)    
Review demand for SEN short breaks   (140,000)    
Reduce agency social workers   (227,000)    
Review and reduce Children's Youth Justice Services or identify alternative contributions   (50,000)    
General efficiencies across directorate   (43,135)    
Less Policy Savings proposals for consultation – see table below   (841,000)    
Less New Operational savings proposals – see table below   (1,468,238)    
Less Provisional Savings requirement     (3,709,849) (2,013,127)
Children’s Services draft cash limit  62,485,455    61,278,790   61,506,137  61,740,766

*Mainly general efficiencies across the service and traded service income


Children's Services policy proposals 2019/20 for consultation 

Reference Detail of Policy Saving / Efficiency  Link to Consultation 



18 Review of residential short break provision for children and young people with a disability Consultation details (172,000)
19 Review of contracts within Toxic Trio for perpetrator and counselling services  Consultation details (109,000)
20 Review of home to school transport for service users post 16 years of age  Consultation details (560,000)


Children's Services operational proposals 2019/20 

Reference Detail of Operational Saving / Efficiency 



30 Review of Supported Accommodation Framework (300,000)
27 General efficiencies across directorate (138,238)
28 Additional traded income within Information Services (30,000)
29 Review administrative services across Children’s directorate and efficiencies expected through the implementation of new ICT functionality (200,000)
31 Continuation of managed Looked after children placements along with the introduction of a Resource Allocation Panel approach to care packages (300,000)
32 Review of preventative services and cessation of casual pool (500,000)


Public consultation will be open from Thursday 25 October 2018 to Friday 21 December 2018.

You can have your say on the draft budget options in the following ways:

  • Online consultation — links to online consultations can be found alongside the relevant policy proposals above. Please ensure you make a note of the reference number of the policy proposal/s you wish to comment on. Hardcopy, paper versions of questionnaires will be available in all Walsall Council libraries, Active Living centres and the First Stop Shop from Monday 29 October 2018. Large print versions of the questionnaire can be provided on request by emailing budgetconsultation@walsall.gov.uk
  • Email your feedback about the draft policy proposals to budgetconsultation@walsall.gov.uk , please ensure you include the reference number of the policy proposal you are commenting on.
  • Post your feedback to: Budget Consultation, Walsall Council Civic Centre, Darwall Street, Walsall WS1 1TP. Please ensure you include the reference number of the policy proposal you are commenting on.

Timeline: Setting the budget 2018/19–2021/22

The budget setting timetable of key reporting dates are as follows:

  • Review of the options by overview and scrutiny committees from 25 October to 26 November 2018, and feedback to Cabinet on 12 December 2018 along with the draft government core grant settlement.
  • Stakeholder consultation between 25 October and 21 December 2018.
  • Receipt of the final government core grant settlement late January / early February 2019.
  • Recommendation of the final budget — in light of consultation, equality impact assessments and the final settlement — by Cabinet on 13 February 2019.
  • Council to set the final budget and council tax levels on 28 February 2019.

For any enquiries about Budget Consultation 2018/19–2021/22, please email budgetconsultation@walsall.gov.uk or call 01922 650000.