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Abnormal loads

Many abnormal loads (vehicles over 44 tonnes or oversized in terms of height and width) travel through the borough and the Traffic Management Team assist the hauliers in the routing of these vehicles along appropriate routes. When hauliers wish to carry a wide or heavy load which is above 44 tonnes, all of the local authorities through which it will pass must be informed in advance. The police and any bridge owners along the proposed route should also be informed. If temporary measures are necessary (eg carriageway strengthening or street furniture removal) then a charge will be made to the haulier.

The law requires the haulier to give a minimum of two clear days' notice to the police, the local authority and bridge owners before moving the load. The notice period for loads over 150 tonnes, 6.1 metres wide or 27.4 metres long is different and hauliers moving such loads need special orders from the Department of Transport. For full details of the notification requirements for large and heavy loads, please visit the Department for Transport website.

Contact the Traffic Management and Coordination team.